hilos de una historia by Emperatriz Ung. Music & sound by Corey Bertelsen.

Fullscreen & headphones recommended. Text & photos clearer in downloadable builds.

hilos de una historia is a short, autobiographical vignette game by Emperatriz Ung with music & sound by Corey Bertelsen. Created in response to “make the game you would take most pleasure in the making of,” hilos de una historia serves as an interactive scrapbook that invites players to untangle a collection of the game creator’s personal memories, a history rooted in immigration and trauma that leads to healing and growth.

Install instructions

Main interaction is mouse over. 

Fullscreen & headphones recommended. 

Headphones recommended.

R to restart. Q or ESC to quit.


Hilos-Mac.zip 67 MB
Hilos-PC.zip 67 MB