[08] March 2019 Prototype

Now available is Operation Kanshi, the March 2019 prototype! The November 2018 prototype has been taken down.  

How to Play the March 2019 Prototype: Use the mouse to turn the radio on and tune the radio to the correct station. Use the keyboard to decode encrypted messages. Wiretap the Regent's phone calls on the switchboard with the mouse. Select intel to report to your commanding officer with the mouse as well. Thank you to Nobo Bhowmik for voice acting and playing the role of Vera! (Previous builds had Claire Carré or Carol Mertz as Vera.)

Known bugs

  • Endings sometimes do not register at the end and might tell print out endings that are "not assigned."
  • Collision boxes for selecting a photo from the photo line-up or line from the logbook are not aligned intuitively. 

What is new:

  • Instead of one long conversation, the game is broken up now and takes place over three "days" or cycles.
  • The radio / typewriter interaction is in a separate scene from the desk now.
  • The player interacts with a phone switchboard to wiretap instead of the older wiretap machine.
  • Narrative-wise: While still 1949 & the Pacific Ocean theatre, the game is now set post-civil war in a fictional country called Mihong instead of World War II in the fictional country Ospia.
  • There are scenes that transition between the "days" in the form of newspapers. (At the moment these are placeholders and not significant in the narrative. Hoping they will provide feedback in a future iteration!)


Operation-Kanshi-March-19_Mac.zip 50 MB
Mar 14, 2019
Operation-Kanshi-March-19_PC.zip 49 MB
Mar 14, 2019

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