A downloadable Prototype for Windows and macOS

Operation Kanshi by Amanda Siswojo & Emperatriz Ung  (in development)

Mihong, a fictional country in the Pacific Ocean theater, during the 1940s—assume the role of an intel operative taking encrypted orders from your commanding officer and wiretap a political figure’s household phone following the aftermath of a civil war. Follow the case of Vera Song & Poppy Hara via phone calls as the sisters find themselves aligned on opposing sides after the war.

Install instructions

Operation Kanshi, March 2019 prototype.

How to Play: Tune the radio to the correct station, and use the keyboard to decode encrypted messages. Wiretap the Regent's phone calls on the switchboard with the mouse. Select intel to report to your commanding officer with the mouse as well. (Endings may have bugs.)

Operation Kanshi, December 2018 prototype. 

How to Play: Decode an incoming message from your commanding officer, listen in on the wiretap at the Song household, send report to commanding officer.  Main inputs are the mouse and keyboard.

Our latest devlog post talks about the issues we encountered with the design & execution of this particular build. Special thanks to Chris Kindred and Claire Carré for helping us out with voice acting on the latest prototype.


The November 2018 prototype is no longer available!

Operation Kanshi, November 2018 prototype. 

How to Play: The decoder in the scene blinks when there is an incoming message. Use the mouse to click on the decoder to play the incoming message, and follow directions. You can only use the keyboard while the audio plays. There is currently no end state. 


Operation-Kanshi-March-19_Mac.zip 50 MB
Operation-Kanshi-March-19_PC.zip 49 MB
Operation-Kanshi-Dec-Mac.app.zip 43 MB
Operation-Kanshi-Dec-PC.zip 39 MB

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